Monk & Sparrow as your primary digital partner.

Connectivity plays a large role in companies of all sizes, but is rarely used to its full potential. 


Despite all the talk, in most companies functional silos don't communicate well with one another, management teams struggle to get up-to-date, reliable information, and team members don't trust the systems at their fingertips.

Let us help you draw a plan that will get you there.  We will help you:

  • Develop high-level vision and principles on which to base future tech decisions; 

  • Identify and prioritize projects in line with your business goals, resources and capacities

  • Act as your partner to implement and follow those projects through completion

  • Train your personnel to increase your business' Digital Maturity

For companies without a strong digital team, we offer to guide you from the start.  You know your company and where you want to take it;  we help you develop the plan, find and deploy resources, and get things done. 


At Monk & Sparrow, we think the digital world is a great tool for your business, not the other way around.  That's why we work in close collaboration with your management and operations team, to ensure the best fit of solutions and the easiest deployment.


Is your company geared for the future?  How can you prioritize when there are so many esentials? 

Let us help you draw a plan that will get you there, without hurting the bottom line or drawing all your resources.


Is your business data - big or small - providing you with actionable insights and helping you make better decisions? 


We work with you to clean up data, extract information, and build clear visualizations allowing your team to develop those insights.


Do you want to develop a tool but don't have the internal expertise?  Let us put together a temporary team of great contributors.  We can develop, manage and maintain all types of projects for you.