Fast Growth


This manufacturer of splashpads and other zero-depth water play solutions experienced fast growth - and accompanying pains.


- Increased pressure on plant caused errors & late shimpments
- Strong hiring made company more complex & less profitable, while increasing communication misses across functional and geographical divides.




Digital Strategy:  Increase reliability of data throughout the company to offer premium service that aligns with strategy:  shorter turnovers and 0 errors in shipping.


Major inefficiencies in the company’s data infrastructure and information flow caused errors in sales order & manufacturing orders.  Our consultant worked on removing duplication in multiple departments regarding data, software and hardware, while keeping working flexibility.  She then facilitated data clean up and  recuperated corrupt and inaccessible legacy data, supported by new infrastructure.

We then partnered with engineering to select and implement a new PDM system, integrating data from sales, engineering and production. We boosted data integrity in Salesforce CRM, allowing sales to automatically receive current product information. We planned and hosted training sessions to increase staff engagement and  maximize application usage, while keeping the data clean.

We finally participated in the development, design and launch of a new sales and marketing website,  integrating with Salesforce and the internal database, including customer portal.  We prepared the specifications, sourced vendors and oversaw the work with new vendor.


Our client started to see results even as ouproject was evolving.


Growth in 2014 and 2015 was close to 40% each year, but we were able to reduce staff growth from 40 to 25%

Manufacturing errors leading from sales decreased by 60% in 2014.


The website project was piloted to a successful launch within two-thirds of original costs and 1 month of planned completion with all original features in place and flexibility for future use.