Who we are

Digital tools have never been more central to an operation’s efficiency. However, the increasing complexity and fragmentation of the digital environment makes it difficult for businesses to know where to start.


We believe that technology, when properly chosen and implemented, has a capacity to create a real impact. It provides you with timely and accurate information, from the efficiency of your operations to the success of your sales plan. More generally, it allows you to make strategic decisions, quickly get reliable feedback, and adapt appropriately.


At Monk & Sparrow, we are committed to providing SMEs with quality support and expertise for healthy digital excellence. We help you make sense of the digital environment. We then work in close collaboration with you to find and implement solutions that will carry your organisation forward.



Our Promises


As an independent firm, we are not resellers of any software, nor do we receive any compensation from third-party services. We only recommend solutions that we would be thrilled to implement and use ourselves.


We don’t simply give advice, but often contribute to the implementation of solutions. Therefore, we measure success as tangible results for you: reaching your goals, return on your investment, as well as capacity to implement, integrate, and maintain systems.



Our team is built of knowledgeable and enthusiastic professionals cumulating many years of experience with software and technology in industrial environments. Our business expertise allows us to understand the global environment and market pressures you experience. Our technical know-how is central to choosing the best solutions for you.