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About Us


We are not resellers of software or equipment, nor do we receive any benefit or compensation from our partners or suppliers. Our recomendations are truly independent,

 We only recommend solutions that we believe are the best for your business.


 between business and technology

Our team understands the needs and constraints of the business world and technical operations. Our integrated approach ensures effective solutions that maximize the impact of your investment by minimizing disruption to your operations


Our team is composed of knowledgeable, engaged  professionals cumulating many years of experience with software and technology in industrial environments.  We also rely on a large network of technical partners, allowing us to tap into specific expertise targeted to your needs.

Independent problem solvers with a high level of technical curiosity, we excel at managing complex and evolving digital environments, both advising you and actively contributing to implementation.

At Monk & sparrow, we believe that technology, when properly chosen and implemented, has a capacity to create a real impact in all sectors of traditional industry.

It is from the point of view of excellence and innovation that we provide our clients with a complete support service in all their digital projects.

We bring our expertise to companies to help them:
     - Better understand a changing business context
     - Choosing and implementing relevant and effective solutions
     - To grow and evolve their staff

With, for objectives:
     - Improving operational performance
     - Improving the speed and quality of decision-making
     - Reduction of complexity and delays
     - Risk reduction to business continuity

As we work with our customers both at the strategic and operational levels, our recommendations are well grounded in reality.

Who We Are



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